Broughton Astley

Whats on and whats in?

Ok, so I haven't live here all my life! But I have got great friends and family in Broughton Astley and now live here! I've had a look at the tired and unmanaged offerings by others in the village and with Avaint now live (online website manager) I can spend much more time blogging and generally providing a better portal to the visitors and residents to the area.

I'll be launching user/business pages so if you'd like your own just get in touch and let me know your connection to the area. Anything local is welcome and you'll gain login to your very own portal. Its free and very flexible.

I do have to state here, that as pages are managed by others I cannot vouch for the validity of claims, copyright ownership or accept responsibility for any pages content which has been added to this website. If you highlight poor quality content or malitios/slanderous/off-topic material it will be removed without question.